Ridge and I doing a bit of liberty work - he was 3 in this picture.

Cohesive Club

What is it????

Cohesive Club is a group of supportive people  working at improving our horsemanship.  Every month club members will work on an exercise.  My vision for this club is to inspire and motivate all of us to stay progressive in our journey even if we have limited time we can spend with our equines each week.   
Each exercise is divided into 3 levels with both riding and in hand work.  

  • Beginning - The foundation pieces of each exercise
  • Advancing - Taking the foundation and building them to work on balance and proper movement.
  • Refining - Playing with the exercise to refine and soften our equines and ourselves.  

Each week throughout the month I provide the 'next steps' so that even with just a few minutes a few times a week you will see and feel progress with your equine partner.  

  • Week 1 - Starting the exercise and pattern
  • Week 2 - Continuing the exercise and pattern
  • Week 3 - Taking the exercise into practice 
  • Week 4 - Being Creative and Curious with the exercise

Each month's exercise is meant to build your horse's Relaxation, Willingness, and Balance.  I will describe the exercise and help us all understand why it is physically, mentally, emotionally beneficial to our equines and to us.  I will show you step by step how to work through the exercise and pattern and help you along the way.

Join Us!

Cohesive Club Memberships can be monthly at $20 - these do not automatically renew so there is no obligation!  

You can also join us for 6 months at $90 or a full year for $150  - That's less than $20 a month for personal, thorough instruction among a great supportive group of people!  :)


"I love the concept of Cohesive Club! Tessa Nicolet gives us the tools to build better equine-human partnerships with a quiet and empathetic philosophy and simple instructional videos of the "what" and "how" for new movements or challenge.  Each month she presents a new set of challenges.   I think the big game changer here is that Tessa pulls us all together to a common task but challenges us to the limits of our individual abilities.  She invites us (members) to participate by posting video clips of our progress with given tasks and challenges.  We get constructive feedback from Tessa and other members.  It really is a club! The whole process has helped me and my horse progress in our partnership and feel part of something without having to load up and go somewhere. For anyone looking to find a new path to a better horsemanship with their horse Cohesive Club is it!"

- David D. 

Ridge and I at Cowboy Dressage World Finals in 2018
Cohesive Club

How it works...

  • Monthly Video and barnsheet of exercise
  • Periodic 'next step' video throughout the month
  • Private Facebook Page 
  • Member login and access to private page 
  • Member discounts


"I have been taking lesson from Tessa for more than 6 months now.  My horse and I have come so far together in our journey to become true partners.  I joined her online club back in February.  I love the format that focuses on a new skill each month.  The week by week instructions on why and how to perform each skill is perfectly explained step by step.  The barn sheets and check list help me to keep track of my progress.  The videos are also a great learning tool.  I love this program and commend Tessa for sharing all her experience in order to help me become a better leader and partner for my horse."

- Gayla R.

This is for you if...

  • You are looking for a supportive group of people to share ideas with and learn from.
  • You want to grow your partnership with your equine
  • You want to have fun with your horse or mule.
  • You are looking to improve your riding, and in hand work.
  • You could use some variety and ideas to work on.
  • You want to see progress with your equine
  • This Club is appropriate for all levels of equine and people.  Each exercise includes in hand and mounted work at different level.  
  • The  not yet started youngster will benefit as well as the seasoned competitor.


"As a teenager I owned horses and I desperately wanted to have horses again, I bought a horse and found him to be a lot more that I signed up for.  I was fearful and ready to give up.  A friend told me about Tessa and how her style is natural, and building of trust between owner and horse.  Tessa is an excellent trainer, her patience and genuine care for both rider and horse are very apparent.  She focuses on fundamentals so you will always have a good foundation to build on.  Her kind heart creates a safe, enjoyable, and educational environment to grow as an equestrian.  I am blessed we found her! 

- Gretchen G.

What you get....

- Introduction and welcome package upon signing up

  1. Video and worksheets about the Cohesive Philosophy
  2. Videos on 4 basic movements for equines and how that builds on everything we do. 

- Monthly Video and Barnsheets of exercise for the month at 3 levels (Every 1st Thursday of the month)

- Next step videos to keep you progressing  throughout the month. 

- Direct access to support through Facebook private page or email to me

-  $ discounts 

- All this for $90 (6 month membership) $150 for a year, or $20 for a month.

A fun promo video

This video was just fun to put together!  :)

Starting the Figure 8

A quick video of how to start the Figure 8 exercise with a horse who has not done this yet.