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Come Join us ... Clinics, Workshops and upcoming Shows are listed here.  Contact me if you'd like to schedule a clinic or show!

Cowboy Dressage

Ridge and Tessa at the 2019 Cowboy Dressage Finals - Free Walk

Come learn about this exciting discipline!!  It’s all about the partnership and Soft feel!

Visit the Southwest Cowboy Dressage website for more information!!

Some upcoming dates with Tessa and Judy Mackenzie are:

(Full day workshops are $120 a day (starting Feb 1st) plus any facility or haul in fees.)

January 18th - Payson AZ

January 25th - Tucson AZ

January 26th - Phoenix AZ

February 15th - Tucson AZ

February 16th - Phoenix AZ

March 21st - Tucson AZ

March 22nd - Phoenix AZ

  • April 4th and 5th - Cowboy Dressage Gathering and Show in Tucson AZ!

  • May 30th and 31st - Spring Cowboy Dressage Gathering and Show in Payson AZ!

Working Equitation

Preacher at a canter in Cowboy Dressage

  • Working Equitation Rated Show in Payson is Scheduled for June 13th and 14th 2020!

Working Equitation is an exciting fun sport that challenges our horsemanship.   For more information about Working Equitation visit the AZ Working Equitation club website (link below).  

What is Working Equitation (WE)? 

●  WE is a fast growing riding competition that anyone can participate in, from beginner to advanced level riders, all breeds, and all disciplines.

●  WE is an opportunity to test the skills and abilities of both the horse and rider for the qualities needed in a working environment.  Promoting good horsemanship while allowing people to ride in the traditional tack and attire of their heritage.

●  WE is great fun for horses, riders and spectators!
●  All breeds of horse are welcome to participate 
What makes up a WE competition? Four “phases”:
1.  Working Dressage (arena flat work)
2.  Ease of Handling (obstacle course)
3.  Speed (timed obstacle course)
4.  Cattle Handling (only at the higher level competitions)

Art of Horsemanship workshops


In partnership with Rodolfo (Rudy) Lara of ‘Vaquero Horsemanship through Classical Riding’ we will be holding a few clinic this spring!  These workshops are designed to build strong foundations in our horsemanship based on Classical principles.  Soft feel, lightness, self carriage, proper bio-mechanics and movement, refined riding ... all while building a strong relationship with your equine.  These workshops support a wide range of riding disciplines - Dressage, Working Equitation, Competitive Trail, or just overall good horsemanship. 

Currently Scheduling Dates for 2020 

To find out more about these workshops or to sign up send us an email at  Or Visit

Patterson Training LLC

Patterson Training LLC is a premier equestrian facility in Star Valley Arizona offering boarding, lessons, and training!  Located at: 

272 S Sprague Drive

Star Valley, Arizona 85541 

Group lessons and workshops with Cohesive Horsemanship are held at this facility! or