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Eclectic Equestrian Series


Starting May 16th - Every Thursday through September.

Patterson Training LLC

$30 per class or all 3 for $60 (discounted to $20 and $50 for Patterson boarders)

A series of 3 one hour parts make up the class.  These are meant to build a holistic foundation for a versatile horse and human relationship.  This class is meant to advance riders with their ground work into good and healthy equitation and bio-mechanics.  The last part of class will focus on the use of these foundations to successfully negotiate obstacles.  Principles of classical dressage and natural horsemanship will be the overall focus of these classes.  Riders are welcome to attend any one of the 3 parts of class or 2 or all 3.  

First part - FROM THE GROUND UP -  4 to 5pm

Second part - EQUITATION and BIO-MECHANICS - 5 to 6 pm

Third part - OBSTACLES- 6 to 7p

Contact us for more information or to sign up

Troika Challenge!!!!


July 20th and 21st - Patterson Training LLC

The first of its kind!  A challenge to improve our overall horsemanship. 

the challenge  made up of 3 divisions:

- Division 1 - from the ground up - in hand competitio n with obstacles!

- Division 2 - Equitation - Dressage bases mounted competition

- Division 3 - Obstacles - mounted obstacle competition. 

Rules and guidelines will be posted soon!

Saturday - learn about the Troika Challenge

Sunday - Compete in the Troika challenge 

Cowboy Dressage


Come learn about this exciting discipline!!  It’s all about the partnership and Soft feel!

Visit the Southwest Cowboy Dressage website for more informatio!! www.swcowboydressage.com

Some upcoming dates with Tessa and Judy Mackenzie are:

(Full day workshops are $110 a day plus any facility fees.)

June 15th - Flagstaff AZ - Full Day

July 7th - Payson AZ - Half Day

July 13th - Flagstaff AZ - Full Day

August 18th - Flagstaff AZ - Full Day

August 31st - Payson AZ - Full Day

September 6 -8 - Fall Gathering - 1 day clinic and 2 day show in Payson AZ.

Sign up for Cowboy Dressage!!

Art of Horsemanship workshops


In partnership with Rodolfo (Rudy) Lara of ‘Vaquero Horsemanship through Classical Riding’ we will be holding a few clinic this spring!  These workshops are designed to build strong foundations in our horsemanship based on Classical principles.  Soft feel, lightness, self carriage, proper bio-mechanics and movement, refined riding ... all while building a strong relationship with your equine.  These workshops support a wide range of riding disciplines - Dressage, Working Equitation, Competitive Trail, or just overall good horsemanship. 

June 1st - Corrales NM - Tessa only clinic

June 8th and 9th - Alto NM - Rudy only Clinic

To find out more about these workshops or to sign up send us an email at artofhorsemanshipsw@gmail.com  Or Visit www.ArtofHorsemanshipsw.com

Contact us for more information!

Patterson Training LLC

Patterson Training LLC is a premier equestrian facility in Star Valley Arizona offering boarding, lessons, and training!  Located at: 

272 S Sprague Drive

Star Valley, Arizona 85541 

Group lessons and workshops with Cohesive Horsemanship are held at this facility!

www.paysonridinglessons.com or