Welcome to Cohesive Horsemanship

Building Partnerships!

Welcome to Cohesive Horsemanship

Building Partnerships!

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Cohesive Horsemanship

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Tessa Nicolet teaching

Tessa Nicolet

My passion is to be part of building relationships between an equine and a human. I love the feeling of finding lightness and harmony while working with a horse and there’s nothing more rewarding than watching a student find that with their horse. I’ve personally benefited from numerous professional leadership courses in my career, but I’ve greatly improved those skills and applied them while working with horses. It’s with horses that I’ve been able to refine and take my communication and leadership skills to levels I never could have imagined.

I grew up with horses. I started riding at a young age and always found peace when with horses; more so than with other humans. Yet horses have taught me to have deeper, more fulfilling relationships with other humans. I can genuinely give credit to horses for the successes I’ve had in my career and personal life. I continue to work on myself based on the many teachings from my equine partners and take great joy in sharing those lessons with others. As a young horse-crazy lady I knew nothing of ‘natural horsemanship’ but I did understand that since I was usually the one to put the first rides on our colts, I had better build a trusting, respectful relationship with those youngsters. I would therefore spend hours playing with them prior to ever getting on. Later in my life, thanks to a sensitive mare, I had to start formally educating myself on the philosophy and skills of a natural horseman and am forever grateful to her for that.

My dream and goal is to not only continue to learn and become the best horseperson and leader that I can be, but also share the knowledge I gain along the way.

Ridge showing his stuff at an Equine Trail Sports competition - Competitive Trail Ride

RG Blu Ridge Mountain (Ridge)

My Morgan partner who keeps teaching me to simply suggest! 

Preacher executing a turn on the haunches for Cowboy Dressage

RG Preacher of the Plains (Preacher)

Preacher continues to always have fun!  ‘Be playful!!!’

Cohesive Horsemanship

Payson, Arizona, United States


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